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The Gambler 500 Rally is a mostly off-road Rally-Style Navigational Adventure using cheap, impractical or fun vehicles. Participants are encouraged to spend no more than US$500 on their vehicle; however, this limit is not enforced. Vehicles can be modified with no cap, but as public roads are used they should still be in compliance with the law. The Gambler 500 began in Oregon, which is now known as "OG500", the event has since spread across the United States and Canada (Gambler 500BC). The motto is "Always Be Gambling″ abbreviated to "ABG".

Event overview[edit]

Teams typically consist of a cheap car, driver and navigator, with the objective to hit daily GPS navigational waypoints. It is a two-day event, with a party at the midpoint and another at the end of day two.


The Gambler 500, founded by Tate Morgan and the Oregon group began in 2014 as a challenge to see how far $500 cars could go.[1] The first year had 14 cars, in 2015 the number of participants increased to 28, then 31 in 2016. The Gambler 500 gained rapid popularity growth in 2017, with over 800 vehicles participating in Oregon. In 2017, independent Gambler 500 regional events occurred in many areas. In the year 2018 there were roughly 4,000 attendees and 1,600+ vehicles at the base camp in Chemult, OR. 2018 saw people from all across the U.S. and parts of Canada taking part in the fun and helping cleanup the highways and byways of OR. There was enough "trail trash" collected to fill (3) 40yd containers. One local law enforcement officer said that he had nothing but good things to say for the event and participants... also stating that he only had 2 incidents wherein "gamblers" were related - only one resulting in a citation over the course of 3 days.


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