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Gamblerz (Hangul: 갬블러 크루), formerly known as Gambler, is a South Korean b-boy crew formed in 2002. They are best known for winning first place at Battle of the Year 2004 and 2009, the R-16 Korea Sparkling in 2008 and 2014, CYON Bboy Championships 2010, and Bucheon Bboy International Championship in 2016 along with many other major competitions across the world. Many of their b-boys have competed in individual tournaments as well, such as Red Bull BC One.

The original members of Gamblerz, known in 2002 simply as Gambler, were B-boy Darkness, Music, Bruce Lee, Still, and Sebin. B-boy So (King So) and The End (KYS) were regional members.

According to former crew leader B-boy Darkness, when B-boy Music, the founding member of Gamblerz, left the crew on a hiatus, Darkness changed the crew name from Gambler to Gamblerz. However, after B-boy Music, along with B-boy Sebin and B-boy Laser, returned from the hiatus, Darkness, Music, Laser, and Sebin left Gamblerz to form a separate crew under the original crew name of Gambler. The present day Gamblerz is now led by B-boy Sick. In 2016, the crew ran tests to have a new member and for the first time in Korea, a foreign was accepted. The brazilian Victor Carvalho, now better known as Victorious.


Member: Date of Birth: Also Known As:
Park Ji-Hoon 06.05.1984 Still
Lee Jun-Hak 22.03.1984 Soul Soy
Shin Kyu-Sang 15.01.1985 Bruce Lee
So Jae-Hwan 25.10.1983 King So / So
Kim Yeon-Soo 02.01.1987 The End / KYS
Chung Hyun-Sik 27.02.1981 Sick
Hong Sung-Sik 07.05.1984 Noodle
Hong Sung-Jin 19.02.1986 Pop
Park Sun-Hak 08.01.1984 Ssun
Cho Jae-Yung 22.05.1986 Blast
Lim Suk-Yong 15.03.1988 Zesty
Back Seung-Wan 08.06.1988 Furious
Cho Dong-Wook 25.05.1988 Rush
Jang Soo-Yong 02.09.1984 Hound
Kim Ki-Su 23.02.1987 Rocket
Park In-Soo 11.11.1992 Kill
Seo Hey-Mi 07.06.1985 Juice Baby
Kim Eung-Hyuk 07.02.1997 Leap
Nahyo M-Kam 12.04.1993 Slice
Kyeong Nyun 12.24.1993 Bean

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