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Developer(s) Aspyr
Operating system Mac OS X
Type software store

GameAgent is an online store, digital distribution platform, and information hub for Mac games. As of September 2014 a Linux section is coming "soon".[1] It is owned and operated by Mac game publisher Aspyr; the e-commerce portion of the site (the checkout cart) is hosted by Digital River.[2] The site also runs a blog, called the GameAgent Blog, which features news, guides, FAQs, and other information related to video games, with a strong focus on the Mac platform.


Launched in 2008, GameAgent originated as a storefront and digital distribution platform specifically for games published by Aspyr. It sold titles both as digital downloads and as physical boxes and featured games on both the Mac and Windows PC. Many of the initial games offered digitally came with the Software Passport DRM.

Since its launch, GameAgent has added titles from additional publishers, such as Feral Interactive, to its library of titles it sells directly.

In 2012, the GameAgent site was completely overhauled, removing boxed options and Windows PC games from its offerings. It introduced a new look and new features, many of which can be found in the current iteration of the site. It also began adding games not sold directly; instead it offered links to purchase games on the Mac App Store and, in addition to its own purchase links.


While some of the games that GameAgent sells directly still use the Software Passport DRM, many of the more recent titles rely on Steam for DRM. As such, GameAgent sells Steam codes for these games; these codes are redeemable via the Steam client. Other titles (specifically most titles published by Feral Interactive) rely on other serial-based systems of DRM.

Titles not sold directly by GameAgent rely on a myriad of DRM solutions, depending on where the game is purchased. Mac App Store titles all feature Apple’s in-house DRM solution, while games purchased from Amazon may feature DRM from Steam, EA’s Origin service, or any other developer-hosted DRM solution.


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