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Original author(s)Al Staffieri Jr.
Initial release1995
Stable release
3.9.95 / August 8, 2011; 7 years ago (2011-08-08)
Operating systemMac OS
Typegame creation system

GameMaker is an all-in one game creation system for Mac OS 7.5 and up (including Mac OS X), written by Al Staffieri Jr. and first released in 1995. As of August 2011, the software is still under active production; the most recent release is version 3.9.95.[1]


As compared with the action-oriented design of the three similarly named game design packages (by Garry Kitchen, RSD, and Mark Overmars), Staffieri's GameMaker is a card-based system, focused on the design of graphical adventure games. The software works on a few levels; beginners can snap together a game by clicking a few buttons, and advanced users can turn to Staffieri's proprietary scripting language.

Reception and impact[edit]

GameMaker is distinguished as the first exclusively Macintosh-based game creation system, and is notable both for its long popularity on the platform and for its influence on beginning coders and designers — such as Pocket Lead Platform Developer Steve Streza.[2] As of January 17, 2012, GameMaker is CNET's fourth most popular adventure game download for Mac OS - seventeen years after the software's first release.[3]

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