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Developer BlueStacks
Type Microconsole
Generation Eighth generation
Introductory price US$6.99/a month (subscription) /
Free (Mini console) /
US$129 (full-sized console)

GamePop is an Android-based video game microconsole and video game subscription service created by BlueStacks that is to be released in 2015.


The console is an extension of BlueStacks' software that lets mobile apps run on Windows and Mac computers.[1] It is set to compete with the Ouya and GameStick microconsoles.[2] The company is planning two consoles: full-size and mini, at different price points.[3]


The subscription service includes unlimited access to more than 500 games.[4] BlueStacks will share half of the subscription revenue with developers divided by game usage.[4] Developers keep all revenue from in-app purchases.[1] Developers confirmed for the platform include Glu Mobile, Halfbrick Studios, and Outfit7.[1]


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