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In the Church of Scientology, the Official Scientology and Dianetics glossary defines L. Ron Hubbard's concept of "game" as:

game: a contest of person against person or team against team. A game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes, and there is a necessity in a game to have an opponent or an enemy. Also there is a necessity to have problems, and enough individuality to cope with a situation. To live life fully, then, one must have in addition to "something to do," a higher purpose, and this purpose, to be a purpose at all, must have counter-purposes or purposes which prevent it from occurring.[1]

The Aberree noted in its Volume 3, issue 1 (April 1956): "Scientology is Hubbard's game......It is also anyone's game who really wants to own and play it."[2]

Scientologist and jazz musician Chick Corea refers to Hubbard's "game" concept in his song "What Games Shall We Play Today?"[citation needed]

Compare the Scientological view of life as "a game. A game in which everyone can win and no one need lose."[3]

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