Game Boy Sound System

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The Game Boy Sound System (or GBS) is a file format designated to play music designed for the Nintendo Game Boy sound hardware. Game Boy sound has two pulse waves, an arbitrary 4-bit wave channel (similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System's DPCM channel or the Famicom Disk System's wave channel, but with 32 repeating samples in a stereo setup) and a noise channel; it does not have a separate dedicated triangle wave channel like in the NES, although triangle-like samples can be played through the arbitrary wave channel.

GBS music files can be ripped and played with special players or Game Boy emulators.


  • Kobarin Media Player - Includes a front end, supports GBS and many chiptune formats natively, has a Winamp plugin converter.
  • Audacious - *nix player that accepts GBS.
  • Chipamp - Winamp plug-in bundle compiled by OverClocked ReMix allowing playback of over 40 chiptune and tracker formats
  • gbsplay - Open source player (Linux, *nix) (and XMMS plugin in older versions)[1]
  • NEZPlug++ - Winamp plug-in that currently supports the most up-to-date implementation of the GBS format.
  • Audio Overload - A media player capable of playing a variety of audio formats from vintage consoles and computers.
  • Noise Entertainment System - a NSF/e (NES Sound File), GBS, VGM and SPC player for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • VLC Media Player