Game Boy Sound System

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The Game Boy Sound System (or GBS) for the Game Boy is akin to the sound system of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The GBS has two pulse waves, an arbitrary 4-bit wave channel (similar to the NES DPCM channel, but with 32 repeating samples) and a noise channel; however, the triangle/DPCM channels are not separated as in the NES.

GBS music files can be ripped and played with special players or Game Boy emulators.


  • Kobarin Media Player - Includes a front end, supports GBS and many chiptune formats natively, has a Winamp plugin converter.
  • Audacious *nix player that accepts GBS.
  • Chipamp - Winamp plug-in bundle compiled by OverClocked ReMix allowing playback of over 40 chiptune and tracker formats
  • gbsplay - Linux player (and XMMS plugin in older versions)
  • NEZPlug++ - Winamp plug-in that currently supports the most up-to-date implementation of the GBS format.
  • Audio Overload - A media player capable of playing a variety of audio formats from vintage consoles and computers.
  • Noise Entertainment System - a NSF/e, GBS, VGM and SPC player for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • VLC Media Player