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Game Critter Super-Squad! is a comic created by Jeremy "Norm" Scott that appeared in the now-defunct video game magazine GameNOW. It is a spin-off of Norm's popular Hsu and Chan comic that appears in Electronic Gaming Monthly and in comic book form through Slave Labor Graphics.

The strip follows the midadventures of 11-year-old Jimmy "Milhouse" Patton (a human) and the Game Critter Super-Squad, a team consisting of Arnie, a ground squirrel bearing a striking resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog, Gila Mobster, the brutish Charmander parody who can be seen wearing a black Fedora with a lighter grasped in the end of his tail, and X, an anthropomorphic, green letter X who works for Microsoft.

All of the characters first appeared in the Hsu and Chan strips in EGM, with the exception of Jimmy. He first appeared in EGM #159 (October 2002), where he was teamed up with a time-travelling cyborg named AH-NUD 800 in a 12 page comic strip/feature article entitled "EGM's No-Problemo Guide to Taking Your PS2 Online."

Game Critter Super-Squad! first appeared in GameNOW #19 (May 2003) and ran until the final issue, GameNOW #27 (January 2004). The final strip was drawn to work with the ChromaDepth 3-D glasses that were included with the final issue of GameNOW (a special 3-D issue).

List of Game Critter Super-Squad! Strips[edit]

The following is a description of the Game Critter Super-Squad! strips that appeared in GameNOW:

  • (GameNOW #19, May 2003) - Jimmy assembles the GCSS to defeat a giant robot, but the Squad is easily distracted by donuts.
  • (GameNOW #20, June 2003) - Gila Mobster helps Jimmy believe in the heart of the cards in a Yu-Gi-Oh! parody.
  • (GameNOW #21, July 2003) - Arnie questions reality after playing a video game based on The Matrix.
  • (GameNOW #22, August 2003) - The Squad accidentally wanders into Silent Hill. Arnie wets his pants, if he wore any.
  • (GameNOW #23, September 2003) - Part two of the Silent Hill saga. The Squad picks up one of the more talkative residents of the town.
  • (GameNOW #24, October 2003) - Arnie complains about having to play as an elf in a The Lord of the Rings-style game. (this episode is referenced in an episode of Hsu and Chan)
  • (GameNOW #25, November 2003) - Arnie realizes that for a group called the "Super-Squad," the gang doesn't really go on any grand, world-saving adventures. Gila Mobster sends Arnie on a quest to fetch him another beer.
  • (GameNOW #26, December 2003) - Jimmy takes a rare trip outside in order to play Boktai despite the Squad's insistence that the outdoors are nothing but trouble.
  • (GameNOW #27, January 2004) - Jimmy and Arnie discuss the future of 3-D gaming (that is, "alien monsters flying out of your TV" 3-D and not simply polygonal graphics) and other gimmicky gaming technology.

Other works[edit]

Norm has also made other comics, such as The Otters and Violence Man!, both of which can be found on his website.


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