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Game Gurus was a Canadian game show on YTV where two families play variations of various board games. The series was taped in Mississauga, Ontario and hosted by Joseph Motiki. [1]

Game structure[edit]

The first two rounds consist of a variation of board games like Jenga or Scrabble. A Whac-A-Mole machine is sometimes brought out, or a round begins with families having to identify artwork or playing pieces from certain board games.

The third and fourth rounds consist of various trivia questions about board games. The fourth and final round awards double the points for correct answers.

The "Galaxy" bonus round is when one member from the winning family is brought into a greenscreen room, while the other family members have to direct him/her around an oversized game board to complete their objective within the time limit, in order to accumulate enough points to earn an opportunity to win a chance at the grand prize vacation. Variations of these bonus round games include Perfection and Battleship. If the family gets a certain number of points, the family will win an MP3 player.

Reference to popular culture[edit]

On a YTV promo for Game Gurus, Shane Saker replies to the host with, "How you doin', Joey?" This is a reference to a commonly spoken phrase by the character Joey Tribbiani from Friends.


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