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Game Insight
Game Insight
Type of business Private
Founded 2009
Headquarters Vilnius, Lithuania
CEO Anatoly Ropotov
Key people Igor Matsanyuk, Anatoly Ropotov, Maxim Donskikh
Industry Interactive entertainment
Computer and video games
Products Paradise Island, Mystery Manor, Airport City, My Country, Dragon Eternity, Tank Domination, The Tribez, Guns of Boom
Employees 150

Game Insight is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games and social games, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Company was founded in 2009 by Alisa Chumachenko,[1] the former Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Astrum Online Entertainment. Game Insight is famous for its many popular free-to-play games for IOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, such as Paradise Island, My Country and The Tribez.[2] Besides, Game Insight developed the first hidden object game for Facebook, Mystery Manor.[3] Game Insight portfolio includes more than 45 free-to-play games, including mobile games for Android, IOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Amazon, and games for social networks, such as Facebook and VKontakte, localized in 24 languages and played in 218 countries of the world. The Company currently employs more than 800 people all over the world.[4]


Game Insight was founded in 2009 in Moscow. In 2010 the company launched its first game, Resort World, for the social networks VKontakte and Facebook; later the game was released for mobile platforms. Paradise Island for Android was the top-grossing game on Google Play for more than 26 straight weeks.[5] In 2011 the company's game roster reached 50 million MAU.[6][7][8] In 2012, the company opened its office in San Francisco, USA (closed in 2014).[9] In the end of 2012 and in the beginning of 2013, new offices appeared in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. An additional St. Petersburg office was opened in the end of 2012 with the purpose of strengthening the Company’s presence in the north-western region. Since May 29, 2014, the company is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.[10][11][12][13]

Alisa Chumachenko (Game Insight founder) on the necessity of new offices:

" Successful projects are born in independent studios which have their own drive, their own power. We’ve always paid much attention to this fact and we understood how important is to preserve the unique qualities of each team. This is the only way we are getting a high-quality game, not only corresponding to certain technical requirements, but also created with feeling. Still, we feel the need for additional resources which may help us in developing the current projects and which will serve as a secondary guarantee in working with the high-level projects. "

Management Team[edit]

  • Chairman — Igor Matsanyuk
  • Founder — Alisa Chumachenko
  • CEO — Anatoly Ropotov
  • President — Maxim Donskikh

Games and Platforms[edit]

Game Insight develops and publishes mobile games for Android, IOS and Windows, as well as for various social networks. All Game Insight products are using the Freemium business model, so that the players may download the games and start playing them for free, and later they can buy in-game currency and different items if that is their choice.[14] The company’s portfolio includes the following projects:

Mobile Games
Running Shadow - Android, PC (May 2014))
Transport Empire - iOS (April 2014)[15]
Dragon Warlords - Android (September 2014)
Adventure Era - iOS (March 2014)
The Tribez & Castlez - iOS, Android, Amazon, Xiaomi (February 2014)
Cloud Raiders – Android, iOS, Widows Phone, Amazon (February 2014)
Sunshine Bay - iPad, iPhone (January 2014)
Tank Domination - iPad, iPhone (December 2013)
Hotel Enigma - iPad (December 2013)
Love and Dragons - iPad (October 2013)
Cat Story - iPhone, iPad, Android (September 2013)
Legacy of Transylvania - iOS (September 2013)
Big Business Deluxe - iOS, Android, Amazon, Windiws Phone (August 2013)
Starborn Wanderers - iOS, Android (July 2013)
2020: My Country - iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 (April 2013)
Battle Towers - Android, iOS (April 2013)
Dragon Eternity - iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon (March 2013)
Hidden Land - iOS (February 2013)
Elements Battle - Android (December 2012)
Mirrors of Albion - iPad, Android, Amazon (October 2012)
Paradise Island - Android Olleh (August 2012) / iOS, Android, Amazon, Gfan, Mac (December 2010)
My Country - Android (August 2012) / iOS, Android Amazon, GetJar, Tstore Korea (August 2011)
My Railway - iOS (July 2012) / Android (January 2012)
Enchanted Realm - iOS (July 2012) / Android (December 2011)
Rule the Kingdom - Amazon (July 2012) / iOS (June 2012) / Android (April 2012)
Mystery Manor : Hidden Adventure - Android (June 2012) / iPad (December 2011)
The Tribez - iOS (March 2012)
Airport City - Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 (February 2012)
Big Business - Android (January 2012)
X-Mercs - iPad (October 2015)
Guns of Boom - iOS, Android, Kindle (May 2017)

Social Games
2020: My Country - Facebook (April 2014)
Cloud Raiders - Facebook (March 2014)
The Tribez & Castlez - Facebook (February 2014)
Sunshine Bay - Facebook, Vkontakte (October 2013)
Mirrors of Albion - Facebook (October 2013)
Dragon Eternity - Facebook, Vkontakte, Web (September 2013)
The Tribez - Facebook (September 2013)
Hotel Enigma - Vkontakte (August 2013)
Rule the Kingdom - Facebook (May 2013)
Legacy of Transylvania - Vkontakte, Yahoo! Mobage (April 2013)
Mystery Manor - Yahoo! Mobage (July 2012) / Facebook, VKontakte, Orkut, QIP (October 2010)[16]
Airport City - Facebook,, Yahoo! Mobage, VKontakte, QIP (May 2011)
My Country - Facebook, VKontakte,, Bebo (December 2010)
Big Business - Facebook, VKontakte, QIP (October 2010)


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