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Not to be confused with GameKing (Second Version)

The Game King-II is a Chinese-made MP4 player. This model can play movies and MP3s. It has an FM radio, digital voice recorder, photo viewer, text file reader, and has a built-in camera.

The Game King-II features 1 GB built-in capacity, an SD card slot for adding up to 2 GB via an SD card and a 2.3-inch full-color display, as well as a built-in microphone. The Game King-II also is able to emulate Game Boy, NES, and SNES games.


The Game King-II does not have a company listed anywhere on the packaging.

The manufacturer is yinlips Co., Ltd.[1]

Technical specifications[edit]

  • Dimensions: 119 mm x 64 mm x 17 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight: 80g
  • Screen: TFT LCD with a 320x240 resolution
  • USB: v2.0
  • Battery: The instruction booklet indicates 1100mAh built-in Lithium Ion battery (4–6 hours of continual use), but some units have 750mAh packs


The Game King-II has the ability to emulate Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES, and SNES games with varying levels of quality. The emulators seem to be custom programmed for the device and are not ports of popular open source emulators.

NES Emulation Mapper Support[2][3]

This table gives some idea of the mapper support that the Game King-II NES emulator is capable of. By no means is this an exhaustive list, and it is not a guarantee that a game will work, even if its mapper is supported. Additionally, support seems to vary depending on the game being on internal flash memory or SD card.

Mapper Example Games Status
Mapper 1: MMC1 Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Rad Racer, MegaMan 2 Supported
Mapper 2: UNROM Castlevania, MegaMan, Ghosts & Goblins, and Amagon Supported
Mapper 3: CNROM Solomon's Key, Gradius, and Hudson's Adventure Island Supported
Mapper 4: MMC3 Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3, MegaMan 3, 4, 5, and 6, and Crystallis Supported
Mapper 5: MMC5 Castlevania 3, Uncharted Waters Partial, buggy
Mapper 6: FFE F4xxx Wai Wai World (Japan, hacked) No support, locks up
Mapper 7: AOROM Battletoads, Wizards & Warriors, and Solar Jetman Supported
Mapper 8: FFE F3xxx Doraemon (Japan, hacked) Supported
Mapper 9: MMC2 All U.S. versions of Punch-Out Supported
Mapper 10: MMC4 Fire Emblem, Family War (Japan) Supported
Mapper 11: Color Dreams Crystal Mines, Pesterminator Supported
Mapper 15: 100-in-1 100-in-1 pirate cart menu system (Japan) Supported
Mapper 16: Bandai DragonBall Z series, SD Gundam Knight series (Japan) Supported
Mapper 17: FFE F8xxx Parodius, DragonBall Z 3 (hacked, Japan) Supported
Mapper 18: Jaleco SS8806 Mezase Top Pro Supported
Mapper 19: Namcot 106 Splatterhouse, Family Stadium '90 Supported
Mapper 21: Konami VRC4 Wai Wai World 2 Supported
Mapper 22: Konami VRC2 type A TwinBee 3 Not supported
Mapper 23: Konami VRC2 type B Contra (Japanese version), Getsufuu Maden Supported
Mapper 24: Konami VRC6 Akumajo Densetsu (Castlevania III Japan) Not supported
Mapper 32: Irem G-101 Ai Sensei no Oshiete Not supported
Mapper 33: Taito TC0190 Don Doko Don Supported
Mapper 34: Nina-1 Deadly Towers, Impossible Mission II Partially supported
Mapper 64: Tengen RAMBO-1 Shinobi, Klax, Skull & Crossbones Supported
Mapper 65: Irem H-3001 Daiku no Gensan 2 Supported
Mapper 66: GNROM Gumshoe, Dragon Power Supported
Mapper 68: Sunsoft Mapper #4 Majaraja Supported
Mapper 69: Sunsoft FME-7 Batman: Return of the Joker Not supported
Mapper 70: 74161/32 Saint Seiya Supported
Mapper 71: Camerica Firehawk, Linus Spacehead Supported
Mapper 78: Irem 74HC161/32 Holy Diver Not supported
Mapper 79: AVE (79) Deathbots, Tiles of Fate Supported
Mapper 91: HK-SF3 Street Fighter 3 (pirated) Not supported
72-in-1 (No Number Assigned) 72-in-1 menu Supported
110-in-1 (No Number Assigned) 110-in-1 menu Supported
Cheetahmen 2 (No Number Assigned) Cheetahmen 2 Supported, this game is inherently buggy

Media Playing[edit]

The Game King-II is able to play MP3 and WMA sound files, as well as DivX and XviD files in AVI format that are 320x240 in resolution. JPEG, BMP, and non-animated GIF files can also be viewed. WAV files can be recorded using the microphone and played back.


The device has an 8-way control pad, 6 buttons on the front of the device, and one button each on the top and bottom. The control pad and 6 buttons control functionality on the device. The power button the top controls on/off. There is also a button on the bottom labelled "reset".

The device has a USB 1.1 interface, a 1/4" headphone jack, and a plug for an AC adapter for charging the battery.


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