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Gamemaker or Game Maker may refer to:

  • Video game developer
  • Game Makers, a 2002-2005 TV show on G4 television
  • Garry Kitchen's GameMaker, a 1985 development environment for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PCs
  • RSD Game-Maker or Captain GameMaker or Create Your Own Games With GameMaker!, a 1991 DOS-based suite of game design tools by Recreational Software Designs
  • Bally Game Maker, a multi-game video slot machine system introduced in 1994
  • GameMaker, a 1995 game creation system for Mac OS 7.5 and up
  • GameMaker Studio, a game creation system originally developed in 1999 by Mark Overmars
  • The 3D Gamemaker, a 2001 game creation system by The Game Creators caden

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