Game Over (video game)

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Game Over
Game over (video game).jpg
Cover art by Luis Royo
Developer(s) Dinamic Software
Publisher(s) Imagine Software
Designer(s) Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor
Pedro Sudón Aguilar
Artist(s) Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor
Platform(s) Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, Thomson TO7, ZX Spectrum
Release 1987
Genre(s) Action, run and gun
Mode(s) Single-player

Game Over is an action video game developed by Dinamic Software and published by Imagine Software in 1987. It was available for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, Thomson TO7 and ZX Spectrum. The game was generally received positively. The game's promotional artwork caused a controversy due to the portrayal of a female nipple, which was subsequently covered-up. A sequel (Game Over II) was released in 1987.


Gameplay screenshot

Game Over is a shoot 'em up game. The second part of the game features some adventure game elements.


Arkos, a former loyal lieutenant of the beautiful but evil galactic empress Queen Gremla, became a rebel dedicated to end her cruel tyranny. The first part of the game takes place on the prison planet Hypsis, from which Arkos must try to escape. In the second part, Arkos arrives in the jungle swamp planet Sckunn to infiltrate the queen's palace, defeat her Giant Guardian robot, and assassinate her.


Game Over was mostly well received. Your Sinclair rated the ZX Spectrum version 9/10,[1] but the "tragically modified" 1990 re-release edition was given only 52% for its very high difficulty level.[2] Computer & Video Games awarded it 8/10 for the ZX Spectrum and 7/10 for the Amstrad CPC versions.[3] The MSX version was rated an overall 8/10 by MSX Extra,[4] and the Commodore 64 version was given a score of 68% by Zzap!64.[5]

The game is best known for a controversy regarding the image of Queen Gremla where a visible nipple that can be seen in its advertising and inlay artwork (which has originally appeared on the cover of Heavy Metal (May 1984 - Vol.8 No.2) called Cover Ere Comprimee and is attributed to Luis Royo).[6][7] Oli Frey, the art editor for Crash magazine, painted over the original bare-breasted image with a thin grey corset so that it could be printed, but retailers still demanded that logos be placed over the nipples.[8] Game Over won the awards for best advert and best inlay of the year, according to the readers Crash.[9]


Game Over was followed by Game Over II (also known as Phantis in its native Spain), which was developed and published by Dinamic Software in 1987.


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