Game drive (Wildlife tourism)

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Game Drive on a farm in Namibia

Game drive[1] or sometimes also written gamedrive[2] is a word which is based on two words, namely game and drive. The word game refers to animals that are not domesticated, the so-called wildlife. The word drive refers to a drive with a vehicle.

A game drive is usually part of a safari, a trip or a journey. It can be carried out with own cars like in national parks or game reserves, or it can be a guided tour in specially for that purpose adapted off-road vehicles led by a professional safari guide. Those 4 × 4 game viewing vehicles are designed to allow a safer trip for tourists. On farms and lodges however, a game drive is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife in an off-road car, always accompanied by safari guides or the farmer himself, who will explain the animal's behavior and interpret the bush.[citation needed]

Guided game drives mostly take place in the early morning, late afternoon or in the evening, because most animals are more active during cooler times of the day.

Tourists on a game drive at Etosha National Park taking photos of elephants


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