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Seal of bishop Gamelin.

Gamelin (died 1271) was a 13th-century Bishop of St Andrews. He had previously been the chancellor to King Alexander III of Scotland, as well as Papal chaplain. He was postulated to the see in Lent, 1255, and confirmed by Pope Alexander IV on 1 July 1255, who also agreed to overlook Gamelin's apparent "defect of birth". Despite his previously strong connections with the king, Gamelin was a Comyn supporter, and was banished from the kingdom sometime in 1256 a year after the Comyn's rival Alan Durward had seized power. After the Durwards were overthrown, he was able to return, and was back in Scotland certainly by 1270. He died the following year at "Inchmurdauch" (Innse Muiredaich).


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Abel de Golynn
Bishop of St Andrews
(Cell Rígmonaid)

Succeeded by
William Wishart