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For the Croatian video game magazine, see GamePlay (magazine).
For other uses, see Gameplay (disambiguation).
Editor Serhiy Halyonkin
Format Paper magazine
Circulation 25 000
Publisher ITC Publishing
Founder Serhiy Halyonkin
First issue August 2005
Final issue June 2010
Language Russian

Gameplay was a Russian language magazine about video games, published in Ukraine by ITC Publishing since August 2005. Its circulation (as for September 2009) was 20 000. It ceased publication in June 2010.


Notable writers for the magazine include Editor-in-Chief Serhiy Halyonkin (often referred as Segal), editors Anna Zinchenko and Alina Zhigunova, authors Oleg Ovsienko, Mikhail Zinchenko, Yaroslav Singayevsky and Igor Klimovsky.

Magazine content[edit]

Gameplay is best known for its "Evolution of genres" series of articles, that describes history and evolution of computer and video games for past 30 years.

Each April issue carries a theme "Our games" and writes about most game developers studios, situated in Ukraine.

Also, Gameplay publishes previews, reviews, interviews and such - as most of gaming press do.


Some readers note that Gameplay gives a lot of attention to video games, sometimes giving a console games a higher score than to PC games. But editorial boards say that it is because of higher popularity of PC games in Ukraine, which sometimes is credited to higher level of piracy.

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