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Gamepot, Inc., is one of Japan's leading game publishers of massively multiplayer online games and mobile games.[1]

They were founded in 2001 in Japan, and had their first success with an online golf game called Pangya in 2004.[1] They opened their U.S. publishing division, Gamepot (USA), Inc., in Los Angeles in August 2008.[2]

In 2006 they successfully launched Kunshu (The Monarch Online), Cabal Online, and La Tale.[1] Also, Gamepot (USA) partnered with Square Enix in the English localization of Fantasy Earth: Zero[2] in 2010 and created Wizardry Online[3] in 2013.

Alteil, a story-driven, Flash-based online collectible card game produced by Dex Entertainment and published by Media Blasters, is now managed by Gamepot.


Japanese division[edit]

Online games[edit]

  • Wizardry Online (January 30, 2013)
  • Mebius Online (April 6, 2011~February 28, 2013)
  • Paperman (February 12, 2009~)
  • Concerto Gate (April 23, 2009~)
  • La Tale (2007~)
  • Fantasy Earth Zero (December 2006~)
  • CABAL Online (November 2006~)
  • Kunshu Online
  • Pangya (November 11, 2004~)
  • Web Koihime Muso
  • The Shogun
  • Lively Island COR
  • Trickster Online (Transfer 2012~)

Korean division[edit]

U.S. division[edit]


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