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Type of site
Magazine website
Available inEnglish
OwnerAntwand Pearman
Launched6 April 2010; 9 years ago (2010-04-06)

GamerFitnation is a magazine website which focuses on technology, particularly video games, fitness, and healthy lifestyle information. The online media publication was founded by Antwand Pearman on April 6, 2010, to promote physical and mental health while gaming.[1][2]


GamerFitnation's primary objective is to provides mental and physical health information, with the assistance of health professionals. This includes recipes, exercise advice, reviews on more active games, and other health related information. They also provide news, reviews, releases, and other information that relates to gaming.[1] They clarify in their mission statement that this material could be sensitive, and therefore they present it with an emphasis on respectfulness.[2] Overall, the site promotes well being through a balanced lifestyle[1][2]


GamerFitnation originally was a Ning Site, serving as essentially a forum for users to discuss gaming and health issues and had the tag ”Finding the Balance between Gaming and Health.” The original GamerFitnation logo, which featured a medical caduceus made of video game peripherals, was created by Nathaniel Blasi. Eventually the site developed into a blog, and is currently a website. Writers are regarded as members of the press. In early 2012, the site re-branded, creating a new tag "Where Gaming and Health Come Together" and added "#BeGamerFit" to their slogan of "Don't Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit".[2] GamerFitnation also updated their logo with a design by Edward Ofori-Attah.

Antwand Pearman, founder and current president and Editor in Chief of GamerFitnation, has kept a hands-on approach with the site since creating it in 2010. In addition to writing articles and managing staff and the site, Pearman represents the company during most events and interviews. GamerFitnation's Executive Editor and Vice-President is Gregory Laporte, who has been with GamerFitnation since the early stages of the site.

Day of Cease Fire[edit]

On December 21, 2012, CEO of GamerFitnation, Antwand Pearman, called for a controversial online shooting game cease fire to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. An estimated 50,000 people participated in the event.[3] The event was promoted on GamerFitnation's site and social media portals, and was also promoted by others including the group Anonymous.[3] The event was featured on CNN and many other news outlets.[4] The Cease Fire event is anticipated to repeat annually, and the second annual cease fire is to occur on December 21, 2013.


GamerFitnation has been featured numerous times by major publications, particularly following the Sandy Hook Cease Fire event.

The following featured GamerFitnation and Antwand Pearman in regards to the Cease Fire event for Sandy Hook:

  • Forbes wrote an article discussing the two arguments surrounding the Sandy Hook Cease Fire. It clarified Antwand Pearman's argument that the cease fire was about showing respect, not blaming video games for the violence.[5]
  • Complex (magazine) interviewed Antwand Pearman about the cease fire.[6]
  • CNN reported on the Cease Fire event one week following the Sandy Hook shooting as a part of the nation's reaction.[4] CNN featured GamerFitnation and Antwand Pearman again to report on people's response toward violent video games during the holiday season, which came shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting.[7]
  • Black Enterprise reported on the Cease Fire event announcement.[8]
  • HLN TV reported on the Cease Fire event.[9]
  • Antwand Pearman appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, which was reported by Polygon, who also interviewed Pearman.[10]
  • Huffington Post referenced the Cease Fire as a part of discussion over new controversies over violent video games following the shooting in Newtown.[11]
  • Kotaku in Australia did a follow up after the Cease Fire with Pearman, reporting the estimated 50,000 participants.[12]
  • Huffington Post, UK reported the Cease Fire and referred to it as a "boycott" of shooting games, causing a negative reaction from readers.[13]
  • ABC News Radio discussed the Cease Fire and the controversy surrounding it.[14]
  • The Examiner reported on the Cease Fire as it begun, showing Facebook updates from GamerFitnation reporting how gamers had begun the Cease Fire in Australia.
  • Fox News reported on the Cease Fire during a post-shooting update.[15]
  • Marketplace reported the Cease Fire announcement, reporting that the idea came to Pearman following both the shootings and then watching the gun-intensive movie Django Unchained.[16]

Other features include:

  • In an interview with Shaquille O’Neal, GamerFitnation broke the news about "Shaq Fu 2," the sequel to the 1994 game Shaq Fu.[17]
  • Jet Magazine featured GamerFitnation founder, Antwand Pearman, in their November 4, 2013, issue. Pearman discussed his history and promoted the GamerFitnation community and wellness ideas.[18]
  • Black Enterprise featured Antwand Pearman to discuss GamerFitnation's mission and his own success story.[19]
  • Ebony interviewed Antwand Pearman over GamerFitnation's mission, origins, and other health and gaming topics.[20]
  • wrote about the GamerFitnation event "Dancetopia," which took place in Harlem, NY, on July 21, 2012. The event used dance and fitness video games to promote exercise.[21]


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