Gamera the Brave

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Gamera the Brave
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Ryuta Tasaki
Written by Yukari Tatsui
Starring Ryo Tomioka
Kanji Tsuda
Music by Yoko Ueno
Cinematography Kazuhiro Suzuki
Distributed by Shochiku Company Ltd.
Release date
  • April 29, 2006 (2006-04-29)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Gamera the Brave (小さき勇者たち~ガメラ~, Chiisaki Yūsha-tachi ~Gamera~) (lit. Little Braves: Gamera), is a kaiju film released in 2006, produced by Kadokawa Pictures. This is the twelfth entry in the Gamera film series, the second reboot of the series and the first produced by Kadokawa Pictures after they purchased a percentage of the remaining assets of Daiei Motion Picture Company, the original company responsible for the Gamera films.


After Gamera self-destructs to destroy three Gyaos in 1973; the tale picks up thirty-three years later in 2006, when the son of one of the survivors of that incident finds an unusual egg, from which a baby turtle hatches. The boy, Toru, raises the turtle, quickly realizing it as being remarkable in that it hovers and breathes fire. The turtle quickly outgrows the house, is relocated by Toru and his friends to maintain secrecy and then disappears.

Concurrently, many shipping disasters occur in the area, the cause of which is the kaiju Zedus (ジーダス), which soon thereafter rampages through the city. It corners Toru and his friends, but the boy's former pet, now significantly larger, intercedes. The young Gamera is wounded in the fight and captured by government officials, who hook the creature up to a machine which infuses it with liquid derived from mysterious red stones found in the vicinity of the egg and which scientists theorize give the Gameras their power.

Zedus attacks again and the new Gamera, now larger, goes out to battle him. The human characters determine that the still-immature Gamera must consume the red stone which Toru had found with the egg in order to gain its full power. The egg is located and, with some difficulty, delivered to Toru, who throws it into Gamera's mouth during the battle. Gamera's power of jet-propelled flight manifests itself and it defeats Zedus by breathing a fireball at it. The kaiju escapes further government investigation with Toru's assistance and flies off as the boy wishes him farewell.


  • Ryo Tomioka as Toru Aizawa
  • Kanji Tsuda as Kousuke Aizawa
  • Kaho as Mai Nishio
  • Susumu Terajima as Osamu Nishio
  • Shingo Ishikawa as Ishimaru
  • Shogo Narita as Katsuya
  • Toshinori Sasaki as Toto/Gamera, the titular monster; Toto is the brave son of the original Gamera that died in 1973 while killing three Gyaos
  • Mizuho Yoshida as Zedus, the main monster antagonist of the film


IMDb gave the rating a 6.8/10.


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