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Datel Games n' Music, otherwise known as Games ‘n’ Music or GnM is a mass market Nintendo DS homebrew device sold by Datel. It inserts into the DS card slot and loads games from a MicroSD card. Unlike most flash cartridges (Flashcarts), Games n' Music does not officially support playing backup copies of DS game cards in order to showcase a product that is supportive of Nintendo as these backup copies are a major source of dispute within the Nintendo company. Currently it is one of the few flash cartridges available in major American retail stores.

Games n' Music allows the user to play Movies, Music, and Homebrew applications on the Nintendo DS. It has also been criticized for its low compatibility with homebrew applications, however, with recent developments such as DLDI this has become a non-issue.

The official product description[1] states that the maximum supported MicroSD card size is 2 GB. Some other cards that are compatible; Sandisk, Lexar, and Kingston PNY cards.[citation needed]

The MSRP is $40, but is no longer widely available in North American stores.


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