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Games & Puzzles
Categories Game
First issue May 1972
Final issue 1996
Company Edu-Games (UK) Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
Based in London, England
Language English

Games & Puzzles was a magazine about games and puzzles. The magazine was first published in May 1972 by Edu-Games (UK) Ltd.[1] The first editor was Graeme Levin who recruited a variety of games and puzzles experts as writers and consultant editors including Darryl Francis, David Parlett, David Pritchard, Don Turnbull, Eric Solomon, Gyles Brandreth, Nick Palmer, R. C. Bell, Richard Sharp, Sid Sackson and Tony Buzan. This gave it a good reputation; for example, Popular Computing wrote "Quite simply, Games & Puzzles Magazine is unique. There is no other publication quite like it anywhere in the world."[2] Its headquarters was in London.[3]

The magazine ceased publication in 1981 but was relaunched in 1994, and then stopped again in 1996.[4] During its last period, between 1994 and 1996, the publisher was Games & Puzzles Publications.[3]


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