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World of Puzzles (ISSN 1074-4355) was a puzzle magazine published bimonthly by Games Publications, a division of Kappa Publishing Group. It was a spinoff of Games magazine focusing solely on pencil puzzles. A centerpiece section contains a feature puzzle or puzzles, such as puzzles from the World Puzzle Championship or the annual Lt. Nodumbo puzzle mystery. It debuted in 1993 and ran as a separate publication from Games until October 2014.

As of the October 2014 issue, Games and World of Puzzles have been combined into a single publication with the title GAMES World Of Puzzles. The entire magazine interior is now newsprint (as opposed to the part-glossy/part-newsprint format of the original Games) and the puzzles and articles that originally sandwiched the "Pencilwise" section are now themselves sandwiched by the main puzzle pages, replacing the "feature puzzle" section. (They are still full-color, unlike the two-color "Pencilwise" sections.) Like the original World of Puzzles (which is now discontinued), the answer key is now at the rear of the magazine. The new combined title will remain on the same 9-issue-per-year publication schedule as the original Games.

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