Games and Economic Behavior

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Games and Economic Behavior  
Games Econ. Behav.
Discipline Economics, game theory
Language English
Publication details
Publication history
1989 - present
Frequency Six times a year
ISSN 0899-8256

Games and Economic Behavior (GEB) is a journal of game theory published by Elsevier. Founded in 1989, the journal's stated objective is to communicate game-theoretic ideas across theory and applications.[1] It is considered to be the leading journal of game theory and one of the top journals in economics, and it is one of the two official journals of the Game Theory Society.[2] Apart from game theory and economics, the research areas of the journal also include applications of game theory in political science, biology, computer science, mathematics and psychology. The current editors of GEB are E. Kalai (editor in chief), M.O. Jackson, E. Lehrer, T.R. Palfrey, and D.C. Parkes.