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Gamescience is an American game company that produces role-playing games and game supplements.


Gamescience Corp. was started by Phillip E. Orbanes in 1965.[1] In that year, the company published the wargame Vietnam which was reviewed in issue #4 of Strategy and Tactics (S&T) magazine. In 1967 the company published another wargame which Mr. Orbanes designed called Confrontation, which was reviewed in S&T issue #6. In 1968, the company published the wargame, The Battle of Britain designed by Lou Zocchi, which was reviewed in S&T #13. The company was sold before Mr. Orbanes left college.[citation needed]

Gamescience was founded by Lou Zocchi.[2]

Gamescience published the board game The Battle of Britain (1968), the wargames Mig Killers (1977), and Strike Team Alpha (1978), and the role-playing games Star Patrol (1977; originally called Space Patrol), Superhero: 2044 (1977), the second edition of Empire of the Petal Throne (1984), and TWERPS (1987).

Gamescience also produces dice, including several types of nonstandard dice.