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i-Gami is a toy in which small plastic pieces can be bent and snapped together to form small to large three-dimensional figures. It began production in 2006 by Plastic Play Inc. before being acquired by PlaSmart Inc.


i-Gami is a toy product created by Boaz Axelrad, a Canadian.[1] The toy takes inspiration from Japanese origami. Unlike origami, however, i-Gami is made from small pieces of plastic that can be bent and snapped together to form various figures, either in two- or three-dimensional form. Additionally, pieces can be disassembled and/or reused. Figures can be built either by following an instruction booklet which comes with each set, or by creating custom designs imagined by the creator.

i-Gami began production in 2006 by Plastic Play Inc., a company located in Oshawa before being acquired by Ottawa-based PlaSmart (best known for its success with the PlasmaCar) in 2009.[2] PlaSmart had previously been the exclusive US distributor of the product since 2007. The company now owns all intellectual property rights to and manufacturing assets for the product line.[2]

Currently, i-Gami is sold in box sets, ranging from beginner (54 pieces) to advanced (600 pieces).


i-Gami has been generally well received by consumers.[3] Consumers appreciate the fact that i-Gami promotes spatial learning, and also introduces the concept of counter pressure to young children.[3] It has received multiple awards (see Awards section) since its entrance into the market.


  • 2008 iParenting Media - Excellent Product Award [4]
  • 2007 TDmonthly Innovation Award [4]
  • 2007 Dr. Toy - Top 100 Best Products [5]
  • 2006 Creative Child Magazine - Preferred Choice Award [4]

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