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Gamigo AG
Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded 2000
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Key people
Remco Westermann [1]
Website gamigo AG

Gamigo AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an online games publisher. It focuses on massively multiplayer online role-playing games, licensing games from developers for a North American and European audience.

Recently gamigo has also begun releasing self-produced MMORPGs in addition to continuing to license, sometimes fully, MMOs from third-party developers.

All current gamigo games are listed free-to-play and use a micropayment system to generate revenue.

The gamigo AG is also active in the Cloud Computing sector with its Software as a Service portfolio.[2]


Founded in 2000 as an online gaming magazine, gamigo AG published its first online game in 2001.[3] Its first game, "Die 4. Offenbarung", was the first MMOG to be localized for the German market.[4]

In 2008 Axel Springer AG acquired shares previously owned by bmp AG.[5] In 2009 gamigo effectively became a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Springer.

In 2010, gamigo launched its first self-produced MMOG, Cultures Online, and announced that it had acquired all rights to Reakktor's Black Prophecy.[6]

In an effort to expand its market to North America, in 2010 gamigo founded gamigo Inc., which is based in New York City.[7]

In 2012 Axel Springer sold Gamigo to Samarion S.E.[8]


gamigo offers games in multiple languages and formats on their web portal. Due to licensing restrictions, some games may only be available in selected languages. Certain regions may also be subject to IP blocks for specified games.

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3 March 2012 Hack[edit]

On 3 March 2012, a hacking took place(by manbud68) that stole usernames and encrypted passwords. In response, account services have been temporary shut down. After that, all users since this attack are advised by the staff to reset their passwords.[9]


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