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For the archaeological site, see Gamla.
Aerial view

Gamla nature reserve is a nature reserve and archaeological site located in the center of the Golan Heights, about 20 km south to the Israeli settlement Katzrin.

The nature reserve has two streams - the Gamla stream and the Daliot stream - the highest waterfall in Israel and the Israeli occupied territories (51 meters high), a Dolmen field containing about 700 dolmens, the largest nesting colony of griffon vultures in Israel and the Israeli occupied territories, a variety of wild life and different wild plants - especially birds of prey as well as the ancient city of Gamla.

The reserve also has a monument for the Jewish Golan Heights settlers who were killed during the Israeli wars and as a result of terror attacks.[citation needed] The reserve also has remains of an ancient village from the Byzantine period.

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Coordinates: 32°54′22.71″N 35°44′45.65″E / 32.9063083°N 35.7460139°E / 32.9063083; 35.7460139