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Gamaliel, also spelled Gamliel and Gamiliel, is the Greek form of the Hebrew name meaning "God is my reward/recompense" indicating the loss of one or more earlier children in the family. A number of influential individuals have had the name:

Hebrew Bible[edit]

  • The Hebrew Bible refers to Gamaliel, son of Pedahzur, the leader of the tribe of Manasseh during the census of the Israelites in the Sinai desert (Book of Numbers 1:10;2:20;7:54,59;10:23).

Rabbinical authorities[edit]

  • Gamaliel, also called Gamaliel I or Gamaliel the Elder, a first-century authority on Jewish law
  • Gamliel II, also known as Gamliel of Jabneh
  • Gamliel III, son of Judah haNasi the redactor of the Mishna, and his successor as Nasi (patriarch)
  • Gamliel IV, grandson of Gamliel III, patriarch in the latter half of the 3rd century
  • Gamliel V, son and successor of the patriarch Hillel II
  • Gamliel VI, grandson of Gamliel V, the last of the patriarchs, died in 425
  • Shimon ben Gamliel, the son of Gamaliel I, the Elder
  • Shimon ben Gamliel II, the grandson of Shimon ben Gamliel

Gamaliel in Kabbalah[edit]

  • Gamaliel (Qliphah) is the Qliphah associated with the Sephirah Yesod on the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Gamaliel as a forename[edit]

Gamliel as a surname[edit]

Gamaliel as a middle name[edit]


  • Gamaliel Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit providing training and consultation to affiliated congregation-based community organizations



  • "Gamalielese", a term coined by H. L. Mencken to mock President Harding's speaking style