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Gamma Alpha Chi Fraternity (ΓΑΧ) is a social-service fraternity that was founded at Louisiana State University on November 10, 1990. Gamma is one of the largest Greek letter organizations to form prior to the end of the 20th century. In less than three years of its existence, President Bill Clinton recognized Gamma for its significant contribution in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans communities.


During the fall semester of 1989 a group of young men entered the university, and a strong bond began to grow among them. As their collective interests grew, it became apparent that this brotherhood was much more than an ordinary friendship. The group of men from Hatcher Hall could be seen working together in the community, at church, or simply spending time together at social events.

In the fall semester of 1990, Troy Howard contacted Bud Richey; Director of the LSU Department for Greek Affairs with the question of how to start a new fraternity. Realizing the seriousness of his request, Mr. Richey assisted Troy and with the submission of the appropriate paperwork.

In their vision, the founders designated the purpose of the fraternity to be the following: "To gather young men into an organization in which membership is not based on any particular race, creed, religion, or social background, but on the values of brotherhood." But more specifically, this "fraternity is to provide service to the brothers of Gamma Alpha Chi, and to our universities, communities, and nation, to our fullest capacity, and we will practice the highest forms of brotherhood amongst ourselves, our fellow fraternities and sororities, and to the general public."

On Thursday November 10, 1990 Troy presented these concepts to the 19 men in the group. Among them 13 became to founding fathers of Gamma Alpha Chi Fraternity. These founders were Alton A. Thornton, Troy W. Howard, Paul C.. Brown, Raye L. Daniels, Gerrod T. Desselle, Ronald K. Gibson, Anthony D. Key, Forest L. Palmer, Dedrick G. Perkins, Orrin D. Ross, Marshall M. Smith, William J. Smith Jr., William L. Thornton.

Since its inception, Gamma has founded more than 26 chapters on college campuses nationwide.


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