Gamma Librae

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Gamma Librae
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Libra
Right ascension 15h 35m 31.54s
Declination −14° 27′ 22.4″
Apparent magnitude (V) +3.91[1]
Absolute magnitude (V) +0.56
Distance 152 ly
(46.63 pc)
Spectral type K0 III[1]
Other designations
38 Librae, CD -27 10464, FK5 577, HD 138905, HIP 76333, HR 5787, SAO 159370.[2]

Gamma Librae (γ Lib, γ Librae) is a star in the constellation Libra. It has the traditional name Zuben-el-Akrab, meaning "Shears of the Scorpion". The name is a modification of the Arabic al-Zuban al-Aqrab (الزبن العقرب). Alternate modifications of the phrase include Zuben el Hakrabi and Zuben Hakraki.

Gamma Librae belongs to the spectral class K0III, and is of the fourth-magnitude, having apparent magnitude +3.91. It is approximately 152 light-years (47 parsecs) from the Earth. This star has 2.15 times the mass of the Sun and is radiating around 71 times the luminosity of the Sun at an effective temperature of 4,822 K.[1]


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