Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma

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Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma (GODS)
Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma.jpeg
ROASian's Grand Fraternity
Founded July 7, 1990; 26 years ago (1990-07-07)
Mabolo, Cebu City
Type Socio Economic Service Fraternity
Scope Inter-Society
Mission statement To uplift each members' morale, strengthen each members' faith in God and encourage them to work and aim for higher education
Motto Be in service to others
Slogan By whose TRUST, LOVE, and SUFFERINGS, we must be united as one under God
Symbol Diamond and ovoid
Nickname ROASians
Headquarters Mabolo
Mabolo, Cebu

Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma (ΓΟΔΣ) is a fraternity group with a vision to uplift each member's morale, strengthen each member's faith in God, and encourage them to work and aim for higher education. A part of the organization's mission is to render services among its members, to the school where they are enrolled and to the community where they live.[1]


"By whose TRUST, LOVE, and SUFFERINGS, we must be united as one under God."


Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma was formed July 7, 1990 at Mabolo, Cebu City Philippines by seven disciples which they call themselves.[2]


The organization, were originally established by the seven (7) disciples:

  • Jason Ruiz - Micheal Ruiz’s elder brother
  • Elmer Baron - Emmanuel Baron’s elder brother
  • Micheal Ruiz - Jason Ruiz’s younger brother
  • Emmanuel Baron - Elmer Baron’s younger brother
  • Ryan Biano - 6 remaining disciples closest friend
  • Kit Jesson Seno - 6 remaining disciples closest friend
  • Albert Ditan - Elmer and Emmanuel’s cousin

The seven disciples were a very good friends. They were brought up by their families in a Christian way of life. On July 7, 1990. Albert Ditan celebrated his birthday together with his friends (the other six founders). On that occasion the seven disciples agreed to rename their group to "GODS". They celebrate every year the founding of "GODS" and at the same time the birthday of Albert Ditan. On July 7, 1995, on the fifth anniversary of "GODS", the seven founders agreed to branch out their group and recruit new friends. They decided to form a new Society (now Fraternity/Sorority) which would be known as "GAMMA OMICRON DELTA SIGMA". At present the group has already successfully sprouted chapters at their respective schools and at Mabolo, Cebu City, the Mother Chapter.[3]

The Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma, today, is now in the hands of the younger cousin of the Founder Michael Ruiz. Laurence Ruiz, Benedict Ruiz and John Eleazar Ruiz. They now hold the group in the hopes of reviving the said Fraternity.


Philippine Colleges, Universities and Community Based Chapters
Community Based Province/State Country
Iloilo City Iloilo  Philippines
Mabolo City Cebu  Philippines
Bacolod City Negros Occidental  Philippines
Guihulngan City Negros Oriental  Philippines
San Carlos City Negros Occidental  Philippines
La Carlota City Negros Occidental  Philippines
Bago City Negros Occidental  Philippines
Canlaon City Negros Oriental  Philippines
Calatrava Negros Oriental  Philippines
Isabela Negros Occidental  Philippines
Sagay Negros Occidental  Philippines
Kabankalan Negros Occidental  Philippines
Colleges and Universities Province/State Country
Negros Oriental State University - Guihulngan Negros Oriental  Philippines
West Negros University[4] Negros Occidental  Philippines
St. La Salle University - Bacolod Negros Occidental  Philippines
University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos Negros Occidental  Philippines
University of Cebu Cebu  Philippines
University of San Carlos Cebu  Philippines
Saint Joseph College - Canlaon Negros Oriental  Philippines
University of Visayas Cebu  Philippines
Sta. Rita College - San Carlos Negros Occidental  Philippines
Visayan Maritime Academy - Bacolod Negros Occidental  Philippines

Note: Partial list of organization chapters.

Fraternities Sign Peace Covenant[edit]

Gamma Omicron Delta Sigma is part of the United Fraternities Organization in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental which forged a “Covenant of Peace”, and whose slogan was “Brotherhood for Peace and Progress".[5]

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