Gamma Phi Delta Sorority

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Gamma Phi Delta
Gpd shield.jpg
Founded February 28, 1943; 74 years ago (1943-02-28)
Lewis College of Business
Type Business
Emphasis Service
Colors Baby Pink and Baby Blue
Symbol Butterfly, Dove and Lamp
Flower Pink Rose
Publication The Lamplighter
Headquarters 2657 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan
Homepage Gamma Phi Delta Website

Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. (ΓΦΔ) was founded in February, 1943 at the Lewis Business College (Lewis College of Business), Detroit, Michigan by Mrs. Elizabeth Garner, an instructor at the College, assisted by her sister, Mrs. Violet Lewis, owner and President of the College. The founders, along with the other eleven members are known as the Sorority's 13 Original Pearls.

Membership includes women in all professions, business related positions and vocationally trained occupations; in addition, young women who are still pursuing their educational goals as undergraduates.

Chapters are organized in all areas of the United States, and may, under the corporate structure, extend to its territories.

Graduate members serve as mentors for four youth groups (Rosebuds, Phi-Teens, Junior Cavaliers and Cavaliers).

The National Membership Enrichment Program includes general presentations and workshops beneficial to the career woman and provides "Know How" to initiate, organize and carry out programs to enhance the communities which members represent. Local chapters are encouraged to support charities and organizations whose objectives are parallel to those of Gamma Phi Delta in serving humanity. This support is accomplished through both financial and volunteer services. The members are particularly interested in working and cooperating with those program whose objectives are the elimination of economical, educational, vocational and social gaps that exist between the privileged and the underprivileged.

Volunteer services are an integral part of membership responsibility and each member is encouraged to contribute their time and expertise in needed areas. A corp of adult affiliates was organized to assist in the pursuit of organizational goals. They are the Echoes (females) and the Senior Cavaliers (males). Gamma Phi Delta is affiliated with other National Organizations; a life member of the NAACP with over five hundred individual life members; life member affiliate of the NCNW and member of AOIP.

Gamma Phi Delta is non-political; however, it researches, studies and explores issues that are relative to humanity and makes presentations and recommendations to the members.

Gamma Phi Delta is non sectarian; however, a general recognition of a Supreme Being is a part of its creed.


Gamma Phi Delta Sorority attracts business-women and professional women from many fields, and Chapters are located throughout the [United States].


On the National level, four (4) scholarships and two (2) Endowments are awarded annually. The Scholarships are: The Gamma Phi Delta Merit Scholarship; the Elizabeth Garner Memorial Scholarship; the Violet T. Lewis Memorial Scholarship and the Undergraduate Scholarship. And the Endowment Funds are; The Luthermae E. Adams Endowment Fund and The Ann McElwee Perpetual Endowment Fund.