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Gammarus roeseli
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Malacostraca
Order: Amphipoda
Family: Gammaridae
Genus: Gammarus
Fabricius, 1775
Type species
Gammarus pulex
  • Rivulogammarus
  • Sinogammarus

Gammarus is an amphipod crustacean genus in the family Gammaridae. It contains more than 200 described species, making it one of the most species-rich genera of crustaceans.[2] Different species have different optimal conditions, particularly in terms of salinity, and different tolerances; Gammarus pulex, for instance, is a purely freshwater species, while Gammarus locusta is estuarine, only living where the salinity is greater than 25.[3]

Species of Gammarus are the typical "scuds" of North America and range widely throughout the Holarctic. A considerable number are also found southwards into the Northern Hemisphere tropics, particularly in Southeast Asia.[4]


The following species are included:[5] Four new species were found in 2018 on the Tibetan Plateau.[6] Four more new species were described from the Chihuahuan Desert in 2021.[7]


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