Gammel Vraa Castle

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Gammel Vraa Castle from the bridge over the moat

Gammel Vraa (in year 1355 Wra, from vraa 'little place', the first word 'gammel' means 'old', ) is an earlier manor house that was transformed into a hotel. The park is around 10,5 acre. It lies lonely between forest and fields around 16 km from Aalborg. The manor house has a moat around it with a wooden bridge over it that resembles a suspension bridge. The nearest small towns are Sulsted and Tylstrup, which lies 3–4 km distance.

Between 1600 und 1850 it was owned and lived in by nobility. In periods of war it was taken by soldiers.

The present two story house was built in 1645 under ownership of the heir Ide Hansdatter Lindenov and her husband, the Danish minister of Finance Steen Beck. At that time the piece of land of Gammel Vraa was the largest in Denmark. The initials of the couple is seen on the wall of the building and their initials can also be found on the easterly placed church called Ajstrup Church. In 1779 the two present side houses were built. In the 1900s the manor house started to be used as a teaching place for farmers and in 1977 Chris Hillingsøe installed a hotel and added two towers. The hotel has, by 2017, a capacity of 43 double rooms as well as a festive hall and a restaurant in the cellar. For pictures you can visit the homepage:

Coordinates: 57°11′38″N 9°55′32″E / 57.1939°N 9.9255°E / 57.1939; 9.9255