Gamonéu cheese

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Gamonedo b.JPG
Other names Camonéu
Country of origin Spain
Region Asturias
Source of milk Cows, sheep, goats.
Texture firm, crumbly

Gamonéu cheese (Spanish: Queso de Gamonéu. Asturian: Quesu Gamonéu) is a fatty Spanish cheese made in certain parts of the Principality of Asturias. Taking its name from the village of Gamonéu where it was originally made, Gamonéu cheese has a Protected Designation of Origin. It is a lightly smoked cheese with a thin, natural rind that is coloured brownish with some red, green and blue patches. Moulds on the rind slightly invade the interior of the cheese. Gamonéu cheese is sold in the form of cylinders with flat ends in weights varying between 500g (18 oz) to 7 kg (15 lbs).[1]

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