Gampen Pass

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Gampen Pass
Gampenpass 01.jpg
Gampenpass top
Elevation 1,518 m (4,980 ft)
Traversed by SS238
Location Italy
Range Tyrol
Coordinates 46°31′49″N 11°06′43″E / 46.53028°N 11.11194°E / 46.53028; 11.11194Coordinates: 46°31′49″N 11°06′43″E / 46.53028°N 11.11194°E / 46.53028; 11.11194
Gampen Pass is located in Alps
Gampen Pass
Gampen Pass
Location of Gampen Pass

Gampen Pass (German: Gampenpass, Gampenjoch, Italian: Passo delle Palade); (1,518 m) is a high mountain pass in the South Tyrol, northern Italy. It connects the Adige valley and the Non Valley. The pass is open year-round. The pass road has a maximum gradient of 9%.

Memorial on top of the pass

From 1810 until 1815, the pass was on the border of the Italian state founded by Napoleon and the Kingdom of Bavaria to the north.

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