Gampriner Seele

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Gampriner Seele
Location village of Gamprin
Coordinates 47°13′30″N 9°30′33″E / 47.22500°N 9.50917°E / 47.22500; 9.50917Coordinates: 47°13′30″N 9°30′33″E / 47.22500°N 9.50917°E / 47.22500; 9.50917
Type groundwater lake
Primary inflows inland canal
Basin countries Liechtenstein
Surface area 2.6 ha (6.4 acres)
Average depth 3 m (9.8 ft)
Max. depth 6 m (20 ft)
Water volume 367,566.35 m3 (297.99089 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 435 m (1,427 ft)
Settlements Gamprin

Gampriner Seele is the only lake in Liechtenstein. It was created by a flood of the Rhine River with enormous erosion in 1927. The lake lies on 435 metres above Sea Level in the village of Bendern–Gamprin.

Gampriner Seele is surrounded by a dense deciduous forest which consists of plants such as reeds, hedges and trees. The treasure was put under nature conservation by the government in 1961. After elimination of the trash the water quality stabilized at B grade. A pipeline to a near inland canal provides the lake with fresh water and sufficient oxygen.

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