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Raj Comics
Publication information
Publisher Raj Comics
In-story information
Alter ego Gamraj
Team affiliations swarga lok
Notable aliases Gam
Abilities none

Gamraj is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.

Plot summary[edit]

Gamraj is the son of Yamraj, the god of death in Hindu Mythology. He has been living on earth among normal people as he has been very emotional and sentimental and requested his father to allow him to go and live on earth as he wanted to help the people here. His father permitted him to go but he also sent Yamunda, the buffalo who was the son of Yamraj's buffalo.His buffalo's name was Mahish. Yamunda has heavenly powers of disappearing and can appear when Gamraj calls him and also he can transform into any vehicle he wants.

On Earth, Gamraj met Shankalu who has been living with his wife Ratalu and their 12 kids who help Gamraj in solving people's problems along with their own (as Yamunda is a regular ride for Shankalu's family).

Lanky likeable teenager who always laughs his troubles away. Gamraj has a knack of inviting troubles and landing himself into the soup. T-shirt and jeans are his standard wear. Bizarre characters confront Gamraj creating hilarious comic scenes laced with suspense and thrills. Helping out poor and down trodden is his habit.


Height: 5'10" (1.78 m)

Weight: 62 kg (137 lb)

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Brown

Nose: Hawkish

Face: longish

Powers and abilities[edit]

His power is his pet young bull buffalo Yamunda bestowed with the divine power of transforming into anything wished by his master. Yamunda is a gift to Gamraj from the Gods as an apology for their blunders.

Family, friends, and allies[edit]

  • Shankalu: Friend and a guy who doubts everything. The pint size is married to a battletank of a woman and has a dozen noisy kids. His home has no space for anything. Making mountains out of molehills is his nature. He lives in poverty. The only valuable thing in his life is his close friendship with Gamraj. He is Gamraj console in comedy.
  • Yamunda: The son of Yamraj's mount. A bull buffalo which can transform into anything. The bull has a jolly nature and shares many jokes. Yamunda helps Gamraj take on any trouble through the use of its horns.
  • Yamraj: Father And God Of Death as per Hindu Mythology


  • Loudspeaker: His voice is diabolical. His whispers creates storms, his walk has the effect of exploding bombs and his shriek can cause all hell to break loose. It takes a lot to silence him.
  • Sir Fode: Sir Fode is a headcracker. He loves anything that brings a mighty bill. He pays it with a skull-cracker bang on the head of the bill presenter with his own steely head.
  • Speed Breaker: He creates phony speed breakers on the roads to benefit goods carriers. The bumps make the carriers spill some of their wads. Speed Breaker lived on spilled goods until Gamraj intervened.


Comics Title[edit]

Rs 10 Comic

  1. Budiya Ke Baal
  2. Khota Sikka
  3. Maskhara
  4. Tulatod
  5. Chaal Khali
  6. Kalpurje
  7. Teen Tigada
  8. Gunde Chuhe
  9. Mere Bharat Mahaan
  10. Takaat Ke Chor
  11. Juta Ji
  12. Laddu
  13. Doctor Bandar
  14. Ladaai Ladaai Maaf Karo
  15. Bojh Hatao
  16. Gatar Chaurashi
  17. Car Chor
  18. Polio Gang
  19. Doorbeen
  20. Mastkalandar
  21. Chhotmantar
  22. Kali Kalantar
  23. Kala Bandar
  24. Google
  25. Ko Kalachi Paki
  26. Soldier
  27. Adal Badal
  28. Tarzan Ka Beta
  29. Coolie No. 1
  30. Bolo Mere Aaka
  31. Anpad Lutera
  32. Tap Tap Tapori
  33. Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan
  34. Pilpila Lala
  35. Jaani Dushman

Rs 20 Comic

  1. Jungle Me Dungle
  2. Hungama
  3. Naak Me Dum
  4. Mumbai Pareshaan
  5. Muhnuchwa
  6. Shaitaan Raag
  7. Satellite Boss
  8. Chakka Jaam
  9. Bhoot Polish
  10. Beghar
  11. Baap Ka Raaz Hai
  12. Doari Danda
  13. Gunda Gamraj, Khooni Doga
  14. Jhagdaloosh
  15. Hightech Bhoot
  16. Koi Hil Gaya
  17. Kar Ya Mar
  18. Mapose Ram Bharose
  19. Tunna Bhai MBBS
  20. Khana Kharaab
  21. Jal Surma
  22. Budhumaan
  23. Jhanda Neecha Rahe Tumhara
  24. Clonewar
  25. Chitrasen
  26. Govinda Aala Re
  27. Father Phobia
  28. Jhanse Ki Rani
  29. Jungle Pandey
  30. Remote Man
  31. Life Boy
  32. Sanki Bhai
  33. Cementa

Rs 25 Comic

  1. Aa Maut Mujhe Maar

Other Appearances[edit]

  • World Comics & Graphic Novels News (WCGNN)
  • Gamraj (Trendy Baba Series, Book # 05)
  • Fang Magazine
  • Indian Comics Fandom Magazine
  • Vigyapans (Trendy Baba Series, Book # 07)
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Discussion forum[edit]

Raj Comics hosts a discussion forum, with a section specially devoted to Gamraj.