Gan HaShomron

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Gan HaShomron
גַּן הַשֹּׁמְרוֹן
Gan HaShomron is located in Israel
Gan HaShomron
Gan HaShomron
Coordinates: 32°27′48″N 34°59′51″E / 32.46333°N 34.99750°E / 32.46333; 34.99750Coordinates: 32°27′48″N 34°59′51″E / 32.46333°N 34.99750°E / 32.46333; 34.99750
District Haifa
Council Menashe
Affiliation Agricultural Union
Founded Spring 1934
Founded by German Jews
Population (2015)[1] 803
Name meaning The Samaria Garden

Gan HaShomron (Hebrew: גַּן הַשֹּׁמְרוֹן, גן השומרון‎) is a moshav in central Israel. Located north-east of Hadera, on the road to Afula, Highway 65, it falls under the jurisduction of Menashe Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 803.[1]


The moshav was established in the spring of 1934 by Jewish immigrants from Germany who trained as farmers in Nahalal and Ein Shemer, and was named for its location on at the foot of the Shomron mountains. It was subsequently expanded three times, in 1946 by Jewish veterans of the British army, in 1954 by migration from the cities, and in 1957 by Jewish immigrants from Poland.

Main produce[edit]

The main produce of Gan HaShomron is olive oil. Other produce includes fruit trees.

Notable residents[edit]

  • Dan Froyliche, Olympic sport sailor
  • Michael J Simkin, Shmeiki Baba IV for Om Shmeiki Healing Organization


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