Gan Shmuel

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Gan Shmuel
גַּן שְׁמוּאֵל
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Gan Shmuel is located in Haifa region of Israel
Gan Shmuel
Gan Shmuel
Coordinates: 32°27′N 34°57′E / 32.450°N 34.950°E / 32.450; 34.950Coordinates: 32°27′N 34°57′E / 32.450°N 34.950°E / 32.450; 34.950
District Haifa
Council Menashe Regional Council
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1913
Founded by Eastern European Jewish immigrants
Area 19,989 dunams (19.989 km2 or 7.718 sq mi)
Population (2017)[1] 905
 • Density 45/km2 (120/sq mi)

Gan Shmuel (Hebrew: גַּן שְׁמוּאֵל‬, lit. Shmuel's Garden) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located in Haifa District, east of Hadera, it falls under the jurisdiction of Menashe Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 905.[1] The kibbutz was named after Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever.


In 1895 the founders of the town of Hadera planted Gan Shmuel, a grove of etrogs. The lands of Gan Shmuel were transferred to the Jewish National Fund and a small group of pioneers took upon itself to tend to the orchards live in a multi-story house in 1913. The group was recognized as a kibbutz in 1921. According to a census conducted in 1922 by the British Mandate authorities, Gan Shmuel had a population of 48 Jews.[2] The first stable group formed in 1923 and its members were considered the founders of Gan Shmuel. The kibbutz buildings were designed by Arieh Sharon in keeping with the principles of Bauhaus architecture.[3]


The kibbutz is the owner (43%) of the publicly traded beverage company Gan Shmuel Foods Ltd. Established in 1941, the company exports products to 35 countries throughout Europe and the Far East and is the largest exporter of processed foods in Israel. Since Gan Shmuel Foods' merger with Ganir Ltd. in 2007, Gan Shmuel Group owns the Primor juice brand.[4][5][6][7]


The kibbutz is host to the Hapoel Gan Shmuel Menashe basketball team, which previously played in the top division of Israeli basketball.

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