Gana and Gwi people

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The Gana and Gwi people (also Xgana or Gǁanakhwe and Cgui or Gǀuikhwe[citation needed]) are peoples indigenous to the central Kalahari region of Botswana.


Since the mid-1990s the government of Botswana has been relocating the San (Bushmen), against their will, to resettlement camps around the periphery of the Kalahari Central Game Reserve. The government says this is because the San threaten the survival of game in the reserve, and because it is not practical to provide the San with fresh water in their ancestral home. The San, and supporters of their right to return to their previous home, claim that they have been evicted to make way for tourism and diamond mining (diamonds were discovered in the reserve in the early 1980s and are currently mined by the De Beers Corporation).

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