Kenati language

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Region Papua New Guinea
Native speakers
(950 cited 1990)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gat
Glottolog kena1250[2]

Kenati is a poorly documented Papuan language spoken by only about 950 people (in 1990) in Papua New Guinea. It is also known as Aziana, Ganati, Kenathi. Specifically, it is spoken in 3 villages located in the Eastern Highlands Province, in the Wonenara District of Papua New Guinea.[3]

Wurm (1960, 1975) placed it in his East New Guinea Highlands family as an independent branch. Ross (2005) could not find enough evidence to confirm this, and left it unclassified. However, Ethnologue (2009) classified it more specifically with the Kainantu languages, another branch of Wurm's East Highlands.


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