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Directed by Hasan Askari
Produced by Jahangir Khan
Written by Saleem Murad
Music by Wajahat Attre
Cinematography Masood Butt
Release dates
April 16, 1991
Country Pakistan
Language Punjabi

Gandasa is a Pakistani film in Punjabi language, released on April 16, 1991 by screenwriter Saleem Murad. The film was directed by Hasan Askari and produced by Jahangir Khan.[1]



A 'Gandasa' is a Punjabi implement primarily used in cultivation and farming. It consists of a long stick of wood (roughly the height of its user) with a wide blade attached to one end. It resembles a very large axe, although it is used in a different manner.

The use of the gandasa as a weapon was made famous by the Lollywood film Maula Jatt (1979) and its sequels, in which the implement was portrayed as an Excalibur-like weapon used in the Punjabi Pakistani action films for fighting and killing other people.


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