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The Gandhawaria (also known as Gandhawariya) are a Rajput clan based in the Mithila region of northern Bihar and a sub-clan of Parmar Rajputs. They entered Mithila by defeating Raja Gandhwar who was beheaded by then Parmars. This clan later on was famously known to be Gandhwaria : Beheader of Raja Gandhwar.[1] They acquired power after the fall of the Oinwar dynasty in the 14th century and ruled estates throughout the region.[2]


They ruled in Sonbarsa Raj.[3][4]

The Gandhawariya trace their descent from Prithi Raj Singh, who migrated from Malwa and settled at Gandhwar province. His descendant Lakhesh Singh annexed extensive territories of Tirhoot and Western Bihar . One of the descendants Raja Keshri Singh obtained the title of Raja from the Emperor of Delhi. It is said that the Raja of Darbhanga Raj refused to recognize the Rajship conferred upon Raja Keshri Singh and hence a battle took place between the armies of Raja Keshri Singh and the Raja of Darbhanga in which the armies of both sides suffered casualties.[5][6] Both parties eventually came to terms and Tiljuga River was fixed as the boundary of their dominions.[7]

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