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The Gandhi Foundation is a United Kingdom-based voluntary organisation which seeks to further the work of Mahatma Gandhi through a variety of educational events and activities.


The Gandhi World foundation was a non governmental organization in India which follows the Gandhian principles. The website of Gandhi world Foundation was first established by Former Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi V. Kalyanam in 2011 at his home.later it was approved by government at 2012.the founder of the Gandhi world Foundation is mr M.L.Rajesh.


The principal founders were:

Aims and activities[edit]

The principal activities of the foundation are a quarterly newsletter and three annual events: a Multifaith Service, a Summer School, and an Annual Lecture. The newsletter is entitled "The Gandhi Way".[1]

The Multifaith Service is usually held in London on 30 January, the anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination. The Service brings together people of different faiths such as Buddhist, Baha’i, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh in remembrance of Gandhi and to share elements from their different traditions.

The Summer School is held in July. Around 40 people of all ages and nationalities live together for a week in the countryside, sharing the necessary tasks of cleaning, cooking, and washing-up as well as attending daily workshops which take up different aspects of the chosen theme for the year. A variety of crafts are taught, and conventional lifestyles and attitudes are challenged. The Summer School has a loyal following with many participants returning year after year.

In 2008 the Gandhi Foundation helped to organise The Festival of Non-violence. As part of the festival the British Library unveiled a new traveling exhibition "The Life of Gandhi",[2] with six 'panels' focusing on the following aspects of Gandhi's life and work: Non-violence and the influence of Jainism, Gandhi's work in South Africa, Gandhi's Philosophy, the Non-Cooperation and Quit India movements, and the independence of India.

Annual Lecture[edit]

The Annual Lecture is usually held on or near Gandhi’s birthday, 2 October. The list of lecturers is:

Gandhi International Peace Award[edit]

In 1998, the Gandhi International Peace Award was inaugurated.[3]

Recipients have included:


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