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Gandria from the Luganersee

Gandria is a small picturesque village on the shore of Lake Lugano in Switzerland. With about 200 inhabitants, it is often referred to as an independent town, but since 2004 it is a quartiere of Lugano. Boat service between Gandria and other towns on the lake is regular, and it is also possible to walk from Gandria to Lugano and other surrounding villages via a publicly maintained footpath hewn into the rock in 1936. This path (now branded the olive path by the Tourism Bureau) between Gandria and Castagnola leads along plantations of olive trees and offers splendid views of the Lake of Lugano.

Although the waters around Gandria appear inviting, the village still disposes of its sewage directly into the lake; as an independent commune, running pipes to the nearest sewage treatment plant would have been prohibitively expensive. In 2004, Gandria voted to become a quartiere of Lugano, and with a grant from the larger city, work on plans for the pipeline was begun. As of May 2008 building work on this project has been initiated.

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