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Highest point
Elevation 998 m (3,274 ft)
Location Biscay / Alava, Spain
Easiest route From Bilbao.

Ganekogorta is a mountain in the border of the provinces of Biscay and Alava (Basque Country, Spain), just between Bilbao and Llodio. It has a height of 998 m AMSL and it is the main peak of a massif that comprises some smaller mountains like Pagasarri, Ganeta, Pasatorenkorta, Arnotegi or Arraiz. The northern slopes of the massif form part of the city of Bilbao.

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Coordinates: 43°12′12″N 2°58′41″W / 43.20333°N 2.97806°W / 43.20333; -2.97806