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Ganesha is a Hindu deity of intellect and wisdom.

Ganesha, Ganesh, or Ganesa may also refer to:


  • Chitra Ganesh, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York
  • Delhi Ganesh, a veteran Tamil film actor, who mostly acts in supporting roles
  • Dodda Ganesh (born 1973), a former Indian cricketer
  • Dr.R.Ganesh (born 1962), a famous figure in literature and arts, revived the art of Avadhana in the Kannada language
  • Janan Ganesh, a British journalist
  • M. P. Ganesh (born 1946), a former Indian field hockey player from Karnataka
  • Raja Ganesha (1415) was a ruler of Bengal for a very short period, who overthrew the Ilyas dynasty rule from Bengal
  • Shankar Ganesh, an Indian music director duo who worked in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies for 40 years

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