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Coordinates: 29°45′N 73°54′E / 29.750°N 73.900°E / 29.750; 73.900Coordinates: 29°45′N 73°54′E / 29.750°N 73.900°E / 29.750; 73.900
DistrictSri Ganganagar
 • Total4,427
ISO 3166 codeRJ-IN

Ganeshgarh is a village in Sri Ganganagar district[1] in Rajasthan. It is 24 km from Sri Ganganagar on National Highway No. 15(62), and 450 km from Jaipur city. In the 2011 census, its population was 4427. There are an ICICI bank branch,[2] and an veterinary hospital in the village.Ganeshgarh and Dungarsinghpura are touchable village like twins and the population of Dungarsinghpura is 4015 in 2011.praveen saharan ashok saharan are notable person.


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ra is related with this village formally saharan jat is founded this villages motaram ji saharan came from jasana villages now many sharan family live in this village ajay saharn daleep saharan praveen saharan ashok saharan are in notable persons in the village.