Gang of Gaxhai

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Gang of Gaxhai
Founded 1997
Founding location Cerkovinë, Vlorë, Albania
Years active 1
Territory Vlorë
Ethnicity Albanians
Membership Gazmend Braka(Gaxhai)
Armando Sulejmani (Çipuri)
Sokol Sinomati (Buzderri)
Edmond Leskaj (Mond fshatari)
Gazmend Nebiu
Lodian Zykaj
Viktor Nuredinaj
Alfred Nebiu (Kakami)-killed
Kreshnik Abili-killed
Krenar Grabova-killed
Ilir Kokosi-killed
Elton Tato-killed
Bernard Duçka (Kuqo)-killed
Criminal activities creation of the criminal group, possession of military vehicles, homicides, kidnappings, destruction of state institutions, drug trafficking, attack on the police station of Vlora and killing of police officers.
Allies Democratic Party of Albania
Rivals Gang of Çole

Gang of Gaxhai (Albanian: Banda e Gaxhait) was a criminal group created in March 1997 that operated in the city of Vlora during 1997, peaking of the criminal activity was during the period March–June 1997, when anarchy reigned in the South. The gang was established by Gazmend Braka, also known as Gaxhai, with some friends from the village of Cerkovinë, the city of Vlorë and other southern cities. Their main rivals were the Gang of Çole (Albanian: Banda e Çoles). Upon completion of the rebellion and the arrest of members of two gangs, the war between them ended.